Double Trouble

July 2024 It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, Horses, Dracula x Chanel d’Avalon, Vilancio x Dracarys d’Avalon

First off, let me just say this is not as crazy as it's going to sound.

From the time I first reached out to Kathy last year, I've had the idea of having two young horses in the back of my mind. There was a plan and a timeline. 

Since losing Suki in April, I've done a lot of thinking. Some things have happened at work. Some things are finally coming together at the house. 

Then things all came together, the way things sometimes do.

Long story short, I decided to buy two 2025 in uteros. 

Unsurprisingly, one will be full sibling to Suki – another Dracula d'Avalon x Chanel d'Avalon. This is such an amazing cross, it was impossible to say no to the opportunity to purchase the foal. I'm very excited about seeing where this new relationship goes. 

I am also purchasing a Vilancio x Dracarys d'Avalon foal. Dracarys is a Don Principe daughter, out of a Manhattan daughter, and what's not to love about that? Vilancio is a Vivaldi grandson out of an Olympic Lancet mare. While I expect both foals will be very nice movers, this one will most likely be a Dressage specialist. 

So, we will see. At this point, it's just waiting and hoping for healthy and happy pregnancies & foalings. 

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