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RIP, Super Mo

28 February 2005 Comments

My spider died, and I’m a bit upset about that. This is the first spider I’ve ever been able to live in harmony with. Ever.

He’d spin his little web in the corner up above my desk, and because that’s a long way from my bed I let him stay there. He didn’t bite me, he did get to some of the bugs that like to fly in my window now and then, and we were both perfectly content.

I even named him Super Mo, because he was always zooming around making mo’ webs. And then, last night, he died. No more Mo. Now I’m going to have to talk to myself instead of talking to Mo. And he had a really good grasp on feminist poetry, too. He’d zig left for “I agree with you” and right for “what an idiot you’re being today” and stay still for “I need to give this more thought. Why don’t you go surf the web while I do that?” That was my favorite answer. I loved it when he did that.

He was a good spider, and we got along well. And yet… I no longer have to wake up every morning and glance over at him all suspicious-like to make sure he’s still in his corner of the room and isn’t making and advances on the bed. And given how allergic I can be to spider bites, that’s sort of a relief.

On the other hand, you’d think he could have cleaned up his super webs before he died. What am I, his maid?

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Why I can’t be vegetarian

24 February 2005 Comments

I understand why other people can be vegetarian. I have nothing against vegetarians. I’m not going to say “some of my best friends are vegetarians,” although that would be a true statement, because I hate people who say “some of my best friends are X,” as if that proves anything except that you know and like one or two people who are X. I know some good kids, and some of my friends have good kids, but that doesn’t mean I think kids are good in a general sense. They’re little rats. But I do understand why people might choose to be vegetarian and I respect that decision and so on.

On the other hand, I cooked chicken last night and I don’t think I’ve ever had chicken that perfect. I mean, talk about the juices being seared in and just the right amount of spices and it was perfect, I mean perfect. You’re never going to see me claiming to be the world’s greatest cook, but, wow. There are no words to describe that chicken. If I became vegetarian, I’d give up the chance of ever tasting that again. And I don’t think I could stand that thought because… yeah… wow. I cooked like never before! (I’m so proud of myself; can you tell? And a carnivore. I’m a total carnivore.)

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