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Who needs avian flu? The regular stuff will kill you

26 October 2006 Comments

Holy crap! I haven’t had flu this bad since I was, oh, six. And TWO people I’ve heard from have said it lasts a week. A WEEK! I’m never going to make it. What ever happened to the 24 hour bug? I could just about handle that.

Anyway, today’s been one long conversation with my stomach, along the lines of:

Stomach: I’m hungry
Me: But last time I fed you…
Stomach: Don’t care. I’m hungry
Me: Oh, fine. Have two bites of soup.
Stomach: [happy dance]
Me: Hey… wait a minute! That’s not a happy dance! That’s…!
Stomach: [sheepishly] Sorry.
Stomach: I’m hungry

I don’t know how people who have had this for a week survived.


What Deadline?

24 October 2006 Comments

I am an expert procrastinator. You have no idea. My last thesis adviser, however–who never saw a draft of my thesis until I turned in the final copy–knows exactly how well I procrastinate. I don’t think my talent amused him, to tell the truth. But I did end up with a diploma, so he couldn’t have been too angry.

I’m currently procrastinating on my “real world” job, and I, at least, am amused. Here’s hoping you will be, too.


I have no idea what the blog’s about, actually. I haven’t gotten that far. Check out the ads for decorative horse shoes on the right-hand side of the page. And who would buy decorative horse shoes, you ask? (You don’t ask? Well, I did.) The site owner is happy to tell you:

Baby Shues: New moms love keepsakes. They especially love keepsakes that are unique. Trust us, nobody else at the baby shower will be bringing a personalized horseshoe.

Teacher Shues: Your teacher does not want another coffee mug.

Bwah! If I weren’t sweating my budget this month, I’d buy one. I’m such a sucker for funny promotional text.

Ask Lerlene

I bet Dear Abby would never respond like this: “Lerlene seldom gets serious inquiries but I figure that I know ten times more than all them full-time professionals. I often have horses spook because of my feather boa but I refuse to give up that all-so-important touch of femininity.”

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I need some crafty help

19 October 2006 Comments

Every once in a while, I get the urge to be crafty. Unfortunately, while I have good ideas sometimes, the execution can be… lacking.

We have a barn show coming up. Which includes a costume class. Which would be a lot of fun, despite the fact that I am twenty-something and not, oh, six. I don’t want to be judged–all the kiddies can have the ribbons–I just want to dress up.

I have a pseudo-highwaywoman costume already. Mostly, it’s a very cool cloak and a toy sword. I find those are sufficient–everyone is so impressed by the cloak and sword they don’t even ask why I’m wearing sneakers and jeans. I could dress up in that, but… meh. I’ve done that several years running and I’m tired of it.

So I thought I’d pull the old horse collar out of the garage. It’d be hilarious to dress myself up as the horse and the horse as the farmer.

Well, “hilarious.” I’d laugh, anyway.

I think my half of the costume would be easy enough–a horse-head hat, a tail, some solid-colored clothes, the horse collar. It shouldn’t be too hard to fix a straw hat on the horse’s halter. The only thing I haven’t figured out is how to make it look like the horse is wearing overalls and/or a plaid shirt.

My first thought was to make some sort of thing that would go over the head/sit around the withers/neck with two long bits to go down the legs. I thought about loosely tying them around the legs to make them look more like pants, but after thinking about the horses I’m likely to be dressing up… bad idea. They’d be less than amused.

So if you have any ideas (or even pictures of others who have done this), let me know.

How do you dress a horse up as a person?

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Videos on Dressage

19 October 2006 Comments

Following the post on Books on Dressage, I was asked via email if I know any good videos on dressage.

I’m afraid I know even less about videos than I do about books to recommend. On the forums (when in doubt, see what a bunch of strangers have to say…), when videos come up people say “pick your favorite instructional video” and go from there. I can’t find any old threads where videos are discussed in detail.

On a whim, I did try NetFlix. You never know. Turns out, in a search for dressage, Star Trek, the Original Series, Vol. 16-28 comes up. I’ll leave it to you to find out why, but I think we can scratch NetFlix off the list.

A Google search for “dressage video reviews” did come up with a helpful site: Scroll down on the menu on the left to find the “Video Reviews” link.

One bad thing about this site: they don’t list which videos they’ve reviewed in any way I can see, so you can’t jump quickly from review to review. But at the bottom of each review page, they have a link to the next video review. I don’t know how many reviews they have total, but they have at least three–just keep reading the reviews, scrolling down, and clicking to the next one.

I didn’t see any other very promising sites in the top ten results (Equisearch has a book and video review page, but it looks like they mostly have book reviews. You can try the site, though, and scroll through all the results–there might be videos in there somewhere). But if you have particular videos in mind, you can always search for them +review and see if anything comes up.

You might also try talking with your local tack store–sometimes, they have videos to rent out. This way, you can preview them and, if you find one you like, you can always buy a copy. If the tack store doesn’t have videos to rent, the owner might still know which videos are ordered the most often–at least you’d know what was popular, even though that doesn’t always mean good.

And a last-ditch option is to try E-Bay. You should be able to buy videos cheaply. If they work for you, great! If not, you can always resell them on E-Bay. You might be able to get back at least part of the cost of buying the video in the first place, and even if you don’t, at least you won’t have spent as much money as you would have buying out of a catalog. Just be careful with E-Bay–most sellers are legitimate, but there are scammers on there. E-Bay has FAQs and help pages that deal with scammers, I’m sure, so take some time reading them if you aren’t familiar with how the E-Bay scammers operate/how to identify a scammer’s auction.

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A different sort of shaky

18 October 2006 Comments

Pookie did her “We’re all going to die” routine this morning. And seconds later, yet another earthquake.

I assume I’m just noticing them more in the wake of North Korea, the Japan quake, and the Hawaii quake. Alaska gets dozens of quakes a day, or something like that, so this isn’t unusual. And they’re all very small—if you were walking around, for example, I doubt you’d notice them.

My aunt says the Hawaii quake was sort of fun—they got out of the house and to higher ground, and then there was nothing to do but ride it out. She wasn’t on the island near the epicenter, and it doesn’t sound like she had much damage.

I can see where it’d be sort of fun. I enjoy the little ones, personally.

It’s a bit like the times when a hurricane is blowing through and you know you’re safely shut up in your house and you’re going to get minor (or no) damage. Then a hurricane can be fun, too.

I just wish I could convince Pookie they’re fun. This “run for your lives” thing is getting old.

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