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In which I do that thing I said I would not do

10 August 2007 Comments

Jump, that is.

Three little cross rails. With a surprising lack of drama.

Which, really, is exactly how it should have gone.

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Where’s the proof?

6 August 2007 Comments

Saw this spam post on a forum:

If your online advertising and words that describe you, your company, its products and services present a messy, disorganized and confusing picture then know that each word is driving away important, special customers and opportunities. It is no more a job of mediocre writings. It is rightly said “Easy reading is damn hard writing”.

We turn unproductive and boring docs into fresh, professional, and attention-grabbing pieces of marketing material for today’s demands.

Does anyone else find the last sentence hilarious in light of the first paragraph? Oh, sure, it’s attention grabbing, but I doubt it’s attention grabbing for the reasons the spammer thinks it is.


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