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When I am a famous rider

21 October 2007 Comments

MiKael tagged me with the “When I’m a Famous Rider, I’ll Demand…” meme. The only problem: I don’t feel very demanding right now. I mean, my list begins and ends with “my own horse.”

Actually, given the sniping of famous riders that tends to happen on online forums, I think I’d have to demand a personal press secretary. Their job would be to find all the snitty posts about me and provide me with regular digests, because I would find such things amusing. And, I hope, as a famous rider I’d be spending too much time on horseback to find them all myself.

Oh, and it would probably be a good idea to demand frequent interaction with other riders and instructors, so I never forget that there are others who know more than me, and ride better than me, and have ideas that could help me improve.

Ok, is that enough humbleness? Good.

I want a fancy air-ride trailer with box stalls and a tack room chock full of stuff. I want a farm in a temperate part of the country that has four seasons, reasonable temperatures year-round, and an indoor arena for the inevitable climate temper-tantrums. Plus miles and miles of trails. With a view of the mountains and a beach within day-trip distance. And huge pastures with green grass in the summer.

Mostly, though, I demand my own horse. And I don’t say this just because I’m horseless at the moment. I hear too often about riders whose sponsors buy them a horse, and just as they are doing well, the horse gets sold out from under them. That’s one aspect of being a famous rider I can live without.

Hey, what can I say? I’m selfish like that.

I’m not sure how far around the blogging world this meme has made it yet, so until I figure it out, I’m going to have to tag people whose feeds say they haven’t done this one yet: Learning Horses, Rider One, and Pony Tail Club.

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Changing Seasons

13 October 2007 Comments

So, the official word is that I’m buying a horse next fall.

Except… I learned of a potential job in Houston today. I’d have to move halfway across the country, but with Winter starting to kick down the door here (already! We’ve had snow on the ground!), the thought of heat and humidity is actually quite appealing.

I’m sure that’s not what I’d be saying if I were in the heat and humidity, but from a distance it sounds pretty good. Like an all-day steam bath. Toasty!

So it appears my immediate options are “cold, dry climate with brutal winters” or “hot, humid climate with brutal summers.” Fantastic. I suspect I’m going to stay where I am, because when all is said and done, if I put on extra clothes to deal with the cold, no one throws me in jail for public indecency. In hot climates, on the other hand… the least of my worries is that I’ll blind everyone in a 50 mile radius the first time I put on shorts and show off my sun-shy calves.

But—if you happen to live in Houston, or anywhere relatively close in Texas, and want to convince me I should move—that the humidity is not as oppressive or long lasting as I’ve heard it is, or that the bugs are not big enough to eat my cat—please do. I could use any information you have, because if it turned out I could better afford a horse in Houston than I can here, I’d move in a heartbeat.

Unless the bugs really are huge and pervasive. That would be a deal breaker.


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