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Halfway Back to Normal

24 March 2008 Comments

I’m in Houston now and over my jet lag. I’m already learning all sorts of lessons about living in Houston:

Buy a Map

Sure, that GPS thingy my family bought me for Christmas will probably be very helpful. Eventually. At the moment, it’s just confused. I asked it to get me from the airport to my hotel, and it apparently thinks I’m still in the far north, because it tried to route me through North Dakota. And of course I didn’t have a map on hand, because I was counting on the GPS thingy to work. I bought an overpriced map at the first gas station I found. I bet that gas station makes a fortune on selling maps to idiots (like me) who get on a plane without once thinking “maybe I should have backup directions to the hotel… just in case.”

The city WANTS you to violate the EZ pass lane restrictions

Maybe it was my jet lag, but I swear the non-EZ pass/change given lanes were NEVER where the signs said they would be. Fortunately traffic was light and I was able to get into the correct lane without any problems, but good grief—what if it had been busy? (Actually, if it had been busy, my rental car has an EZ pass thingy in it, but the rental company wants to charge me $2.00 for each use. Forget that.)

The U-turn lanes on Highway 10 are the coolest thing ever

I don’t know why these things are so fascinating to me, but I’m endlessly amused every time I use one.

Anyway. I still have to deal with finding an apartment and getting settled in to work, so who knows when this blog will get back to normal. Lynda, I’ll be in touch soon.


Goodbye, Popsicle World. Hello, Houston!

13 March 2008 Comments

I’m moving to Houston. We’ve heard that before, right? This time, I mean it. I have a plane ticket and everything.

I’ll be saying my goodbyes to the frozen northlands soon. Very soon.

Houston will know I’ve arrived when people will report being blinded by a strange white light. That’ll be the sun reflecting off my “what is this ability to ‘tan’ that you speak of?” skin.

I will know I’ve arrived when I’ve spent an hour in the saddle without having to wear six thousand layers of clothing.

Don’t mind my silent blog over the next few weeks while I try to get out of here and settle in there. You’ll just have to amuse yourselves by placing bets on how long it takes me to turn into a puddle on the sidewalk. My money’s on it happening within ten feet of the airport doors. Better a puddle than a Popsicle, though!


It’s just like spring

9 March 2008 Comments

We’ve been having spring-like weather, so I haven’t been nearly as inclined to sit at the computer as I have been all winter.

By spring, by the way, I mean “it’s 40 degrees and enough ice has melted that I can see the sidewalk again.”

That’s right. Forget green grass and daffodils: I’m celebrating the return of concrete.

We are almost certainly bound to get another couple of snow storms before it all goes away, but who cares? It’s warm now, and that’s good enough for me.

I can practically see the expressions of disbelief that anyone would celebrate 40 degrees as warm. It’s all relative, I tell you. After months of sub-zero and single digit temps, this is practically heaven. Add thirty degrees to your current temperature. See? Big difference.

Now that I’m all warmed up and am over the novelty of warmer weather, maybe I’ll get caught up on everything in the blog sphere I’ve been letting slide… or not. It’s warm enough I can start riding again, after all. And that is almost as exciting as the little patch of sidewalk in front of the house.


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