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Back in the Saddle Again

22 March 2010 Comments

This is my brain on too much free time:

I like iced tea, but boiling water for iced tea in a pot doesn’t go so well—that is, pouring the water from the pot to the pitcher doesn’t go so well. Therefor, I should go buy a coffee machine.

Perfectly reasonable, right?

If you’re thinking Why not just buy a tea pot? the answer is… I had too much free time on my hands. I wasn’t riding, we hadn’t hit end-of-quarter mania at work, and my personal website project was stalled because I was bored and out of sorts. I don’t think in straight lines when I have too much time on my hands.

What I really thought was:

I need to boil water. Using a pot is possible but inconvenient. Coffee makers boil water, or so I’ve heard. I’ve never owned a coffee maker. On the other hand, one day a friend or relative could come visit me. Most of them drink coffee. They might want to make coffee. If I had a coffee maker to heat up water for my iced tea, they could use it to make coffee. If they brought some coffee with them. Hey, maybe the news that I owned a coffee pot would be enough to make them come visit me. That’s kind of like the world ending. They’d have to see it to believe it. I need a coffee maker.

See how much sense that makes?

Since I am currently in an I-hate-big-box-stores mode, first I went to a fancy schmancy home furnishings store. Then I went to a non-WallyWorld store. Then I caved and went to WallyWorld. Then I concluded that even if a coffee maker would convince my relatives to come visit me, I wasn’t all that interested in shellling out that much money so that I could—remember where this started?—boil some water for tea.

At this point, my brain was on so much free time that it didn’t take that thought to the next logical conclusion. It took two weeks, end-of-quarter crunch at work, getting back into my personal project, and getting back into saddle to kick myself into gear again.

On the way home from the barn today, I realized I don’t need a coffee maker—I need a tea pot!

So I stopped and bought one, despite the fact that it cost as much as the coffee makers I rejected for being too expensive. I am still trying to figure that out—I mean, the coffee makers practically book themselves on a flight to the coffee plantation, hand-pick the beans, grind them, and set their own timers so that you wake up in the morning with fresh-brewed coffee waiting for you. My same-price teapot… boils water. I am trying not to think too hard about the price point comparison. I am pretty sure this is all the East India Trading Company’s fault.


I have iced tea. I’m riding again—hacking during the week, lesson on the weekend, helping start a young horse. My arm is much better, although it will take a couple weeks to get back to 100%, I think. Normal activity no longer hurts—just extreme motions in particular directions. We’re having (mostly) gorgeous springy weather—70s with relatively little humidity. The sort of weather a person can fall in love with and make them forget the winter rains and the summer heat.

The sort of weather that could almost convince my relatives to visit.

I should have bought the coffee maker.

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