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I like good brains, and I cannot lie

26 July 2012 Comments

Ro has gotten some unexpected vacation over the past few months while I deal with some personal things. Dexter, of course, is always on vacation. It must be nice to be two.

But other than making sure Ro has all four legs attached and hosing her down to get the sweat out of her coat (it’s summer in Houston, after all), she had pretty much lived the good life.

She’s not complaining, mind you. She thinks she deserves this life all the time.

I’ve popped her on the lunge once or twice just to remind her that there is such a thing as work, but even that has been more of a ten minute gait check (are all four of those legs attached to your body still working properly? Yes? Good.) than actual work.

However, today was a pretty good day for me and I decided to hop on and ride.

Well, “ride.”

Fifteen minutes at the walk was about all I could handle. I just couldn’t hold my position at all after that point, and I was not about to ask Ro to cart me around like a sack of potatoes when she is also unfit.

Still. That’s fifteen minutes of riding, and that’s more than I’ve done in ages, so I’ll take it.

But can I just say how nice it is to have a horse I can just hop on after several months of no work? I don’t have to lunge her for days to get her mind back in work mode and I don’t have to worry that she’ll be a spooky, unfocused mess.

I can just hop on and away we go. It’s a good-brains thing, and I love it in horses.

However, the one cloud in the sky is that while Ro has definitely been enjoying her vacation, she may have been enjoying it a little too well. Her girth almost didn’t fit her.

To be fair, I’m equally guilty in that regard as my breeches were just a leeetle snug.

Here’s hoping this day turns into a trend, because clearly both of us need to get back in shape.

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Water, water, everywhere

24 July 2012 Comments

Recently we had some strong storms come through Houston. The statistics on them were impressive—50-year flood levels in some areas, more rain in a few days then we had gotten in 6+ months combined last year, etc.

The barn Ro and Dexter had been at until recently flooded. Everyone got out ok, although they are still working on cleanup and still haven’t been able to move all the horses back yet. Hopefully they’ll be able to do that this weekend.

The barn Ro and Dexter are at now made it through ok. The fields are still drying out (pop-up afternoon storms aren’t helping anyone in that regard), but it was never in danger of flooding.

Dexter, water baby that he is, was unfazed.

Ro was less than pleased. I’d switched her to a different paddock a few weeks before the storm event for various other reasons, and that paddock was too wet to leave her out—so she ended up stalled for a few days. She tolerates being stalled, but it doesn’t make her happy.

As soon as the big field dried out enough, I tossed her back out. I figured she would go find the driest part of the field and stand in it thinking up ways to get revenge on me (because the rain and resulting water is all my fault, you know).

She immediately went out to the middle of the biggest puddle (small lake?), stood in it, and splashed. She must have been watching Dex more than I realized…

The next day I went out to check on her and she cantered up to me. Through the water. Um. Ok.

What happened to Miss Jumps Wet Dirt? Miss I’d Rather Die Than Get My Feet Wet?

Whatever happened, I’m liking it.

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