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Ro goes to A&M and Dexter starts baby bootcamp

16 December 2012 Comments

For those who might not know, Ro has a history of stubborn sinus infection problems. We spent most of 2011 fighting it, but surgery in late summer (two trephination holes) appeared to resolve it.

Until now, about one year post surgery. The infection came back.

After some long discussions with my vet, we tried flushing. If it fixed the problem, we were good. If not, she would go up to A&M to get a CT scan so we could get straight to the root of the problem.

Flushing did not help, and she went up to A&M on Tuesday. CT scan was Wednesday, and a full C-flap sinus surgery was Thursday. One of her sinus cavities was full of inspissated pus (it was the consistency of cottage cheese, per the surgeon). All of that has been cleaned out, and she is still up at A&M so they can keep flushing the sinus for a few days.

I went up today to see her (given the distance and my work schedule, going up during the week isn’t feasible). She looks a bit like Frankenstein’s monster but that’s to be expected. She was happy to see me, for about five minutes. Then she went over to eat more hay, so I guess that tells me my relative place in the hierarchy of life.

So far, everything during and since the surgery has been going very well. She should come home early next week. During surgery, they put in a larger internal drain hole in the sinus to help encourage draining/hopefully prevent this sort of buildup in the future.

Then I stopped back at the barn and spent a few minutes playing around with Dexter in the round pen. I want to send him to long-lining boot camp sometime in late spring/early summer, so it’s time to get him going with basic lunging, W/T/C verbal cues, make sure he’s comfortable working in a surcingle/wearing a saddle, etc. I already know he has the general idea down for most of this, so we just need to solidify things.

All of this is to say that we all alive and doing well—or in Ro’s case, on the road to recovery.

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