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Tip your pizza delivery guy well. Always.

29 May 2013 Comments

A few weeks ago, I brought everything home from the barn and piled it in the middle of my living room. That was as much as I wanted to deal with it at the time.

But when I ordered pizza last weekend, the delivery guy was giving me funny looks. While I was eating, I peered around the apartment, trying to figure out what he was eyeballing. I couldn’t find it through all the mess… oh, right. My apartment was starting to look like a candidate for a Hoarders episode.

Since it was a long weekend, I grabbed a stack of towels, a bucket of water, and faced the mound of stuff. It would be cleaned. It would be organized. It would be stored.

The last one was a bit of a problem, actually. My apartment has very little storage. Just a walk-in closet, really. And that was already full of horse stuff that I didn’t want to keep out at the barn.

I shoved the storage problem aside and settled down to cleaning and organizing.

First I cleaned Ro’s bridle. Then I cleaned her other bridle. Then I cleaned her other bridle. I wondered briefly why I owned three bridles, until I remembered that I also have the Super Saint’s old bridle. So that’s four. No, wait—six. Someone gave me two other bridles recently, although they are going off to a rescue’s fund raiser because six bridles for no horses is really overkill.

Then the saddles (all three of them). Plus the bareback pad. And is this an extra set of reins? Why, yes it is. And look—a lunge line AND long lines.

I cleaned, I sorted. And cleaned. And sorted.

Every once in a while I threw something in the pile to send to the rescue, but for the most part… I’m going to get a horse again some day, you know. I might need this stuff again.

Let’s not talk about the fact that not one piece of tack I kept from the Super Saint fit Ro—now I have cob and regular horse-sized stuff, so I should be set. (Having said that, my next horse will either be a jug-headed 17.2 monster or a Shetland pony.)

Eventually all easy things come to an end, of course. Everything was clean, and I still had no idea where to put it all.

I pulled everything out of the closet and started consolidating with a vengeance. Every once in a while I pulled out a helpful (or hopeful) cat, and slowly but surely the mound of stuff disappeared in plastic containers or bridle bags or trunks.

I have everything somewhat sorted right now, except for one empty trunk that I don’t have room for. That one will go out to my trailer and live in its tack room. I’m just hoping I don’t find anything in the trailer that needs to come home.

Except that as I sat on the couch admiring the return of my living room, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I’d forgotten something. Then I looked over by the door, and…

There was my lunge whip. And both my dressage whips. With a spare set of rubber reins hanging from the coat hook.

I suspect the pizza guy wasn’t actually looking at the mess in the living room after all.

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Better late than never

25 May 2013 Comments

Normally I do this earlier in the year, but this year has obviously been a little overwhelming.

But better late than never, right? I give you… some of the more interesting search terms people used to find the blog in 2012:

life goes on blog
Yes it does. No matter how rough it gets, it goes on.
quoth the raven ee cummings
Either someone is on to a potentially interesting literary juxtaposition, or else they need to pay more attention in English class.
who discovered ponies
Cavemen. And then they drew pictures.
who tries to take over the world in lord of the rings
Just buy the books and read them. They are a lot more interesting than anything you could find on the web.
old lady thats fat
I won’t deny that I need to lose weight and get in shape, but I object to the “old” bit.
want to drill a hole in my head sinus head ache
Unless you are a literal air head (like horses are), this is not a recommended resolution for sinus headaches. Go see your doctor. Please.
how to dry a water logged 4 wheeler
I suspect that getting it out of the water would help.
theres something wrong with these pictures
I have never claimed to be a photographer (of any caliber), but I’m a little miffed that the search engines think I am this bad.
teaching upper level dressage to my horse
I say this every year but… go find a trainer. You aren’t going to get there by reading random anonymous blogs on the internet.
swagger tabs on boots purpose
Anything with the word “swagger” in it is required by law to have no real purpose whatsoever.
blog is people like why?
cleaning cat boxes with a hazmat suit
If it has reached that point, call Animal Control. And possibly Adult Protective Services.
will a mischievous cat get into less trouble with a second cat around?
No. Mischief multiplies exponentially.

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Horse Bloggers is back

17 May 2013 Comments

I relaunched Horse Bloggers today.

This is a free directory specifically for horse-related blogs.

If you had an account on there before, for various technical reasons I had to start fresh. You’ll need to create a new account, but it’s free and will only take a minute or two to do.

Also, this is a soft launch. You may find a few rough edges around the site, but drop me a note and I’ll sort it out.

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