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A new beginning - with Closure

30 November 2013 Comments

While I have not been looking to buy a horse, I have been window shopping. It’s fun. And since I wasn’t on the market, there was no danger to me.

For any long-time readers who think this “not in the market, but…” sounds eerily like the time I bought Dexter, it pretty much is.

Except this time, it only took two days from seeing the ad to bringing the horse home.

Closure is a half Arab (the stallion is Dutch Harness Horse x Saddlebred). He’s three, about 15-15.1 hands high, and super sweet and sane. He was bred for the park horse stuff, but he doesn’t have the gaits for that—he does have nice gaits for Dressage, though. As you might expect from his breeding, his challenge will be learning to stretch down and work over his back, but he uses his hocks well and is a very willing guy. I’m sure we are going to have a lot of fun.

His seller was great—he’s had all the age-appropriate work done and has even been sat on a few times, but he hasn’t been overworked or pushed too hard. He’ll stay in very light work this year because he clearly still has some growing to do, but I’m in no hurry. And my work schedule, which is hectic right now, is actually perfect—it means we’ll be working with him for a week or two, giving him a week or two off, picking stuff up again after a bit, etc. About the time the project I’m on settles down a bit, he’ll be ready to start in real work.

I know it’s against all the unwritten rules to post this and not have pictures, but they’ll be coming later this weekend. He looks a lot like Ro right now (clearly, I have a type), but he’s going to be taller and much more substantial once he fills out.

For now, he’s settling in at the barn and I’m settling in to the idea that, once again and sooner than I expected, I own a horse.

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Horsehair Memory Pots

26 November 2013 Comments

Every few years, I have revisited the idea of having some horsehair memory pots made with Jim’s mane and the tail hair from two other horses I rode as a teen who had a big impact on me, Charlie and Keeper. I couldn’t ever find someone doing the pots in a style I loved though, so I’d drop the idea. For a while.

This fall, with Ro and Dexter’s hair added to my drawer, I tried again. This time, I was pointed to Lois Hirshberg (Pottery by Lois). I loved the work I saw on her site, so I contacted her.

The result is exactly what I was hoping for:

(Photo by Lois)

All three pots have tail hair from a few of the horses and then some of Jim’s mane in them. I didn’t want to do one pot per horse because the memories I have of them and the lessons I have learned from them are not isolated—they built on each other.

Lois also made me a pendant that has Jim’s mane hair in it, which you can see hanging on the jar in this picture:

As I said, I’m very, very happy with the result. The pieces are exactly what I was looking for—and I highly recommend Lois to anyone thinking about having their own pots made.

If you haven’t seen/heard of this process before, here’s a page on her site that explains more about it, with some other examples of her work.

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