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Look who’s cantering!

23 March 2014 Comments

Fin cantered for the first time today:

We’ve been talking about cantering him for a while, but schedules and the weather haven’t been cooperating. Until now. He was very good—this video is from early in the ride, and by the end of the ride he was much more relaxed and confident.

And I’m told the canter is as smooth to ride as it looks…


The world is getting a little weird

19 March 2014 Comments

Is this not the most awesome helmet ever?

It’s the Casco Spirit Peacock. I believe the peacock feathers are made out of crystals. It only costs 1,400 euros or &pound1,200 or thereabouts.

And I want it.

I know, I know. Most people who like bling would find this over the top, and I don’t even like bling to begin with.

But I want it anyway.

In other, less shameful news, Fin is doing fine. I got busy at work so he’s had a couple weeks to just hang around, but we’re getting back into a routine now.


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