All the pretty ponies

18 March 2015 Comments

Well, one pony. Technical a horse. Whatever.

A few weeks ago, Bob Langrish did a photography clinic and Fin was one of the model horses. The clinic participants (and Bob!) were kind enough to send some of their photos to those of us whose horses were used during the clinic, so I got some pretty awesome pictures of Fin—and permission to share them.

Photo by Bob Langrish:

Photo by Lisa Harding:

Photo by JD Waterhouse:

Photo by Jos Mottershead:

I was helping out a little during the clinic, and it was a fun day. I even learned a little, but since what I know about photography could fit on one side of an index card with room left over for a recipe, I’m really grateful they sent photos back to us. I don’t often get to have professional-quality photos of my horse, and I really love these!



Jane Clancy 11 April 2015

He is STUNNING.  Wow do I have a lot of catching up to do!  So happy for you!!!

Sarah 12 April 2015

Thanks! He’s pretty special—he’s been such a joy this past year and I can’t wait to see where we go in the future!

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