Driving the Oregon Coast

24 August 2014 Comments

The night I picked my friend up, we made plans for the next morning.

We’d wake up early. Pack the Pimpmobile. Go get food. And head for the Oregon coast. Our initial plan was to take a route something like this:

Over the days I’d spent with my brother and his wife, however, we’d been talking about Cannon Beach, home of the famous rock in the Goonies movie. To be honest, I can’t actually remember much about the Goonies movie. But there was treasure, and apparently a famous rock, and we could go see the rock.

We decided we’d go ahead and detour to Cannon Beach before heading south.

Then I remembered that I had to mail a letter.

That was fine. Pack car, get groceries, mail letter, head to Cannon Beach.

We packed the car and got groceries, at which point I realized we’d forgotten to grab chairs for the campsite. Since we were having problems locating a mailbox (seriously… when did all the mailboxes disappear?), I figured we could stop at a Big Box Store, mail my letter, and pick up some chairs. It turned out that the Big Box Store, which did have chairs, did not have a mailbox.

But it did have kites.

And someone who knew where a post office was.

By the time we were done, our route looked like this:

But once we got out of Portland, we had a nice drive and made it to Cannon Beach without any problems. To be honest, I think this may have been my favorite beach on the entire trip—probably because it was a little gray and dreary, but not really raining, and I love that type of weather.

The seagull loved it, too.

As promised, there was the rock:

I still don’t really remember it from the movie, but if I ever watch the movie again, I can say I saw it in person.

The smaller rocks were more interesting, to be honest.

After we left Cannon Beach, we began driving down the coastal highway, stopping whenever we saw a great view.

It happened a lot.

Although sometimes I got distracted by rocks.

Especially ones that, if you squinted just right, look like faces.

We had planned to camp at Patrick’s Point State Park in California, but between our late start out of town and the decision to include Cannon Beach in our itinerary, there was no way we were going to make it. After some debate about exactly what we were going to do, we decided to get a hotel.

My friend had recently gotten an iPhone, I think, as she was working out how to use Siri. As an aside, here’s what I don’t understand about Siri. People say they hate automated telephone systems, and you can always tell when people are talking to them, because they are practically yelling “BILLING! I SAID BILLING YOU HEARTLESS PIECE OF SHITE!”

And yet people go ga-ga over Siri, which is basically an automated telephone system that is trying to take over your entire phone. Except that when Siri messes up (as she inevitably seems to), people laugh and say it’s cute. Because the program has a name? I don’t get it.

Anyway, my friend was having as much success asking Siri to find a hotel as my previous experiences watching people interact with Siri led me to expect. Namely, none.

I should note that because I rented the car before my friend arrived, I couldn’t add her to the driver’s list. And because we were so far behind in getting out of town, we decided to stop and add her later in the trip. Which we hadn’t done yet. So I had been doing all the driving all day, and while I was pretty tired of driving, I was also thinking about how nice it would be to get to California early-ish the next day, set up camp, and start exploring the Redwoods.

So, as much sympathy as I had for my friend’s plight with Siri, I just kept driving. Through one town. And another, where we debated on one hotel slightly too long, missed the turn, and I opted to keep going south rather than turn around.

I hadn’t banked on the fact that the next town would be something like 30 miles down the road, but hey—this is what roadtrips with me are like. We just… go. We get there… or someplace, anyway… eventually.

We did finally find a hotel and get settled in.

Our plans for the next day were to do more of the same: keep driving south along the coast until we hit the state park, get camp set up, and then… Redwoods!

You’ll be totally shocked, I’m sure, to know that’s not quite the order in which things happened.

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