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23 December 2013 Comments

Fin has had the past few weeks to settle in at the barn while I have been very busy with work. A friend took this picture and sent it to me since I couldn’t get out:

She said this was the best she could do, because he was very, very interested in the phone. I suspect I will gather many photos over the years that look like this.

However, now that my work schedule is settling, it’s time for Fin to go to work.

We know from the work we did a couple weeks ago that he probably hasn’t been taught to lunge. He goes ok to the left, but he doesn’t even like to be led to the right, much less move out on the line. He also has the “whoa” voice command down pretty well, but he needs to learn “walk” and “trot.” We’ll worry about canter once he’s solid at the walk and trot.

So when I went out today, I decided to just do some in-hand work. I want him to learn to step over when I tap a haunch or shoulder with the whip. When we started, he ignored the whip. I expected that, as the seller said he’s been sacked out quite a bit and he wasn’t very responsive to the whip when we lunged him, either. He’s just doing what he’s been taught to do—not respond. We just need to re-sensitize him to the whip.

He really wants to do what is right, which makes him a lot of fun to work with. He’s just unsure right now, because we’re changing the definition of “what’s right,” but his response improved each time I asked, so I don’t think it will take too long for him to understand the new expectations.

And I found my camera, so there may be more photos coming after all.

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