Marbung? Cannot compete with Yellow Sauce

17 April 2005 Comments

The Marbung virus is still rampaging through Angola. Not to make light of the situation, but the yellow sauce I had for dinner scares me much, much more.

Marbung, after all, is thousands of miles away from me; the yellow sauce is possessed and in my room.

You doubt sauce can be possessed?

Last night I brought home an order of tandoori chicken, special rice, and naan. As always, the restaurant included that flaky chip-kinda-thing whose name I am currently forgetting. And, unusually, a little cup of yellow sauce. I can only assume the sauce came with the tandoori chicken, because I’ve ordered everything else at one time or another and never got yellow sauce.

I wasn’t particularly interested in the sauce, so I just put it aside on my makeshift coffee table. I didn’t even bother to take the lid off. I ate, I read, I pondered. I went over to my computer to do some work.

A couple hours later, a strange hissing sound caught my attention. It was almost like someone breathing. I kept looking around to see if an animal had somehow gotten trapped in my room. I know, it makes no sense. But wouldn’t you rather assume something came through the window than imagine ghosts were sneaking up behind you? Me too.

Couldn’t find anything. The dishes from dinner were still sitting on my table, but dishes don’t breathe.

Later… a couple cracks and pops. The search for the animal continued. The echos in this area can be very weird. Sneaky peaks out the window, looking for the “ghost.”

This morning, taking a break, I went to clear away my dishes. And what do you know, the yellow sauce had, apparently, bubbled up in its little cup, which must have caused the hissing noise while the air tried to escape and, when the pressure was too great, it popped through the center hole in the lid and splattered all over my table, causing the second round of noises.

I kid you not. The yellow sauce exploded.

How the hell does a sauce explode when it is sitting at room temperature?

I am afraid of the yellow sauce.

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