Ringing in the New Year

2 January 2013 Comments

I didn’t realize how long it has been since I posted.

Ro is back from A&M. The bone flap is healing well—in fact, stitches and staples are out and hair is growing back already. It looks like she’ll have minimal, if any, scarring, but she may end up with a little cosmetic deformity as the bone settles. I could care less about that, and she still thinks she’s the bee’s knees, so that’s a non issue. In every way that matters, the surgical site is healing nicely.

We have had a couple setbacks since she came home and I feel like I have spent more time talking with my vet and A&M over the holidays than I did my family, but we are dealing with them. Ro’s attitude improves every day, and she’s getting her sass back. At this point, the things we are addressing are frustrating but not serious.

She’s also back in light work (lunging). She’ll go back under saddle after I get her to a chiro, but the exact timing for that is a little up in the air right now.

The one really good bit of news is that she made it through New Year’s Eve without needing to be sedated and without colicking. For those who have not been following us long term, she had a very bad experience a few years ago with a commercial-grade display going off right over her turnout. Fireworks have not been fun for either one of us since then, but she did fine last night.

So that’s Ro: still recovering, but right now everything looks fairly good.

Dexter, meanwhile, is in kindergarten. Ro has been taking up a lot of my time and energy, so he’s been getting five or ten minutes of work maybe once or twice a week. I’d guess it’s been about 15-20 minutes total at this point, to be honest.

Fortunately, he wants very badly to do the right thing, and he’s the sort of pony that you can do something with, let him sit for a week, and when you come back he’ll do it better than before.

Despite not having a lot of time to work with him, he understands going out to the end of the lunge line and staying out there. Now we need to establish verbal cues. And find a canter, because he thinks that is an awful lot of work.

We’ll probably stay on these short and sweet training sessions for a while. We have a good 3-4 months before I plan to send him off for long-lining boot camp, so he doesn’t really need to progress faster than this. I may take him down for a lunge lesson towards the end of this month, but it’ll be more for the whole trailering out, working, trailering home experience than anything else.

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