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17 November 2012 Comments

I finally got the video clip from October’s clinic uploaded, so here it is:

For anyone who may have missed the original commentary, the temps had dropped a bit that day and I was tense and unfocused for reasons unrelated to riding. The result was what you see—a lot of tension for both of us, and we never got things completely together. But there was improvement start to finish, and we had some really nice moments in there, so I’m glad I rode.

And just for fun—I finally got ahold of a video snipped from a year or so ago. This is the first time Ro and I interacted directly with the steers at the old barn:


It was late at night and the person taking the video was using her phone, so the video quality is what you’d expect for that. We were outside the chute, just walking along to get the idea of pushing the steers. As you can see, Ro was very interested in them; another run or two later and we were the ones in the chute. We weren’t very good at it, but we had fun!

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