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1 August 2012 Comments

The trimmer came out on Saturday.

Last time he was out, I had not been able to handle either Ro or Dexter much, and both of them were a little squirrelly as a result.

This time, with all the rain we’d had, I had to get out to the barn more often to keep on top of their feet and prevent any sort of thrush issue. So I had hopes that they would be better behaved.

Plus, as I said in a recent post, Ro actually got worked a time or two. Although, by “worked” I mean “ridden at a walk for fifteen minutes,” but still. With her, even brief sessions are enough to keep her head in the game and remind her that she can have 23 hours a day to do whatever she wants, but for the one hour of a day when I want to do X, Y, or Z, she absolutely can and will behave.

I pulled her in first for the trimmer, and on my way to her field I noticed that Dexter wasn’t visible in his field. No big deal—there’s a big stand of trees in the middle, so I figured he was in the back corner.

When Ro was done, I let the trimmer know it would take me a few minutes to swap horses around and so he went ahead and started on one of the other horses on his list.

And a good thing, too.

I put Ro out in her field and went to the back corner of Dexter’s field to get him.

But he wasn’t there.

Naturally, I assumed he was hiding out in the tree stand where it was (presumably) cooler in the shade.

Nope. No pony.

So there I was, 20,000 feet over Baghdad… wait, wrong story.

So there I was, standing in the middle of a five acre field, with no pony in sight…

I figured there were three options: he was really tucked away in the trees somewhere, he had been moved to another paddock for some reason, or he had broken through the fence. The third option seemed very unlikely to me, but I figured I’d walk the field one more time to recheck all the trees, and I could double check the fence at the same time.

As it turns out, bay blends into the shadows unbelievably well. He was hiding in a stand of trees, screened in by some tall brush.

With temps in the high nineties/low hundreds, I guess he figured he’d worm his way into the deepest, shadiest pocket that he could find.

He came out reluctantly, although he perked up once I got him into the barn and he realized he was going to get to hang out in front of the fan. And he was really very good for the trimmer—probably the best he’s ever been.

But there is no question about it—summer has definitely set in.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m finally starting to be able to hop on Ro a little more frequently. On the one hand, it really sucks to be riding when temps are hitting the hottest part of the year. On the other hand, we’re both so out of shape now that all we’re doing is walking and some walk/trot transitions, so the heat isn’t holding us back the way it would have if I had been able to ride all summer.

And randomly, I actually thought to take pictures with my phone this week. I don’t have any of Ro that are worth sharing, but here’s one semi-decent one of Dexter:

For comparison, here are the pictures from when I first got him. He almost looks like he has a neck, now! He’s grown a bit, and gained a bit of muscle, but I think the biggest change is that he’s lost that worried look he had when I first got him.

And yes, I roached his mane. It’s that whole summer in Houston thing—that long, thick mane was just making him miserable, so away it went. I kind of like the look on him, so we’ll see how it grows out; I may just keep him roached year round.

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