The Eye of the Storm

21 February 2013 Comments

A few weeks ago, Dexter exhibited some uncharacteristic behavior and was ultimately diagnosed with bilateral uveitis.

Typically (not that there is really any such thing as “typical” uveitis), horses with uveitis will have their first episode between the ages of 4 and 8. It usually affects only one eye, although it may spread to the other eye later. It only affects both eyes in about 20% of the cases.

For most horses, this means that if you can manage the uveitis episodes, the horse will often have months or years before they lose vision in their affected eye. At that point, it is often enuncleated because it is no longer useful for the horse but can still cause painful flareups. Horses get along very well with just one eye—often better than they got along while their eye was losing vision—and many never look back from this point.

Unfortunately, Dexter is young for a diagnosis and both eyes are affected. What happens next will depend on how much vision he’s lost, how long he goes before his next episode, and how he reacts to the next episode.

For now, we’re only focused on getting him through this episode. I am hopeful we are through the worst of it; today was the first day he truly seemed like himself since it began.

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