The habits you lose

8 August 2013 Comments

In Alaska, we spent all winter (which, face it, is most of the year) riding in a ring slightly larger than a small dressage ring. There would be four or five us in a lesson sometimes. With jumps in the ring. Learning to ride in that space made warm up rings at shows much less scary, for what it’s worth.

Since I moved to Texas, the rings have been larger. With fewer riders in them. As with many other things, I adapted. My inner dressage queen commanded my inner hunter princess to sit down, be quiet, and wait her turn. For, um, over six? seven? years. Something like that. It’s been a while.

Recently I joined in a lesson that was back in a small ring, with multiple riders. Dressage queen fainted dead with horror and hunter princess took over the reins.

I realized very quickly that I was not as adept at judging traffic as I used to be. On the other hand, the princess is smirking at the queen because I hadn’t forgotten everything.

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