About Halt Near X

This blog is about one rider’s journey in dressage, or something like it.

I love hearing from people, but before you contact me:

  • I will not place a link (“quality” or otherwise) on this site.
  • I’m not interested in running ads on this site.
  • I’m not interested in your pre-written article, pay-for-post, PR materials, or other ads/marketing disguised as “content.”
  • This includes infographics.
  • I have done book/product reviews in the past, but I do not have time right now to do justice to your book/product.

Other questions/comments are welcome at rider@halt-near-x.com.


Maintenance Note

Previous blog comments are currently not displaying due to some data migration issues.

New blog comments can be added and will show up as expected.

Old blog comments will be fixed when I have time.