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He thinks he is a lion.

He likes to carry things around the house. Towels. Blankets. Cat beds. Stolen groceries.

He wants you to know he is fierce, the fiercest cat to ever walk the earth.

He answers to Banana.


Bryn has the softest fur and sweetest purr imaginable.

She is as low-key and easy going a cat as you ask for, soaking in attention when she gets it and chillaxing happily when you’re busy.


She thinks she’s an alligator.

In reality, she’s a unicorn.

Missy Pissy

She is dainty. She is people oriented. In fact, she is all up in your business. She wants nothing more than to curl up with you and purr her little heart out.

She also likes to pick fights with the other cats and then scream bloody murder when they have the audacity to fight back.

She’s a six-toed calico floofball who believes the world exists to admire her perfect self.

She’s a cat, in other words.

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